Employability Skills 7 Skills You Should Master

Employability Skills: 7 Skills You Should Master

Finance jobs are an incredibly competitive section of the job market; on the other hand every finance job vacancy is a tough one to fill. The number of desirable jobs is shrinking, making it ever more critical to get noticed by prospective employers as soon as possible. Recently, employability has also transcended its past boundaries, which were determined purely by skills that are necessary for a career and for daily living. 

This new set of employability skills can help you improve your chances of landing a finance job and advancing in your career.

The importance of communication

The key to successful business relationships and to building rapport with clients is effective communication. As a finance professional, effective communication skills are seen as a necessity due to the volume of interaction one has to deal with on a daily basis, whether it is a phone call, an email or a face-to-face interaction. If you cannot justify and explain the calculations you made, even an aptitude for numbers won't get you far in finance.

Leading with excellence

Generally, employers prefer someone who is self-driven and proactive. In other words, they look for candidates who are willing and capable of going above and beyond what their work entails. This includes skills like being a quick learner, thinking on your feet, troubleshooting, etc. which displays direct interest to excel in ones’ job role.

A resilient attitude

The ability to bounce back when faced with adversity is resilience. Although this is a valuable skill in any profession, it is particularly helpful in stressful work situations, which can earn respect and motivate an organization to advance.


Organizing means planning your work and proceeding about it in a systematic way. Organising entails taking initiative to manage priorities in a timely manner and making decisions. In a finance career, being organized with numbers and documentation is crucial for a stress-free workday. 


Reliability is a key employability skill that builds trust with the employer and helps build your reputation in the company and industry. In order to be reliable, one must meet deadlines consistently and produce high quality work. Career growth is only possible when you meet or exceed expectations.

Having a critical mind-set

Critical thinkers evaluate or conceptualize situations objectively. Oftentimes clients and customers seek out financial experts for a rational opinion about a scenario - be it a stock performance or a hedging strategy .A poorly planned decision can result in a loss of time and money in fast-paced business environments. Consequently, making critically analysed decisions is an essential skill for modern finance professionals.

Technologically Advanced

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the financial sector. Not only has it simplified time-consuming processes, but also made most business practices quicker and more productive. Consequently, financial professionals should prioritize their adaptability and learning in terms of tech skills. It is necessary for individuals to be knowledgeable about the latest versions of relevant software. It is no longer a plus to be tech savvy; it is now a necessity as it will allow you to stand out from your competitors.


It is imperative that you enhance your employability skills to always stand out in a crowd of job seekers and give you a competitive edge. Having a competitive edge will help you grab the best opportunities and build a successful career.

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