Do you believe age is a factor for CMA USA

Does getting the CMA USA title get increasingly difficult as we age?

The CMA performs a number of services, including costing, pricing, preparing, verifying, and certifying cost accounting, and preparing related statements. The objective of cost analysis is to identify ways to reduce costs. It is also expected of the CMA to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of production and service management in various departments of the organization.

As part of their duties, CMAs advise on profitable product mixes, identify business risks and take steps to mitigate them. The employment avenues available for CMAs are numerous, ranging from Chief Finance Officer to Chief Executive Officer. In the private and public sectors (central and state governments, MNCs, and the private sector), I have held positions of Chairman, Managing Director, and Finance Director.

  • If you are a young person, then you are more likely to pass any professional exam or any other exam for that matter. Generally, candidates who are fresh out of college are generally more “book smart” than those who have worked professionally for a long time. The reason for this is that examinations frequently require candidates to have good memorization skills.
  • This is because it is difficult to “test” the experience and expertise gained in the professional field, not because the examiners don’t care about this skill set, but because it is tricky to “test” the experience when taking the exam later rather than soon can prove to be a hindrance. It is therefore advisable to obtain certification as early as possible; the earlier, the better.
  • During the early stages of the study process, students are in  study mode and exam material is on their minds. They can take both parts of the exam now and submit their work experience later, allowing them more time for their career after college when they can strengthen their resumes earlier. In addition, the candidate may have an advantage over candidates who haven't begun studying for the CMA exam.
  • As most of the exam content is taught in higher-level accounting classes, the candidate may be up to date on the content after taking college accounting courses. You will have a better recall of the content if you begin sooner, as you will be familiar with the cost accounting topics as you study for the CMA Exam. This will make it much easier to prepare for the exam.


One must never consider age as a barrier to learning since people always desire promotions, better career opportunities, or to switch careers. However, a continuous learning process is necessary to stay relevant in today's job market.

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