Discover the factors you should consider before choosing an ACCA or CMA qualification

One extensive professional course offered by the IMA is Certified Management Accountant. The Association of Chartered Accountants is a global organization that offers an in-depth professional course, but those who choose to pursue the course of study will gain a full understanding of both financial oversight and managerial accounting. Because the curriculum emphasizes bolstering the applicant's foundation in accounting concepts, which is helpful in the areas of auditing and tax domains, applicants who complete the course of study are considered to be among the world's finest accounting professionals.

A CMA USA may be a better choice for you if you appreciate the tactical aspect of running a firm, see yourself managing important financial choices, and are interested in specializing in managerial accounting. However, ACCA might be the best option if you enjoy learning about the nuances of financial tools, aspire to be an expert on finance with cross-domain knowledge, and value having an extensive set of abilities.

The highly regarded accounting degrees ACCA and CMA USA equip candidates with the information and abilities required to thrive in the financial and accounting industries, however, their respective fields of specialization and emphasis are different.

The most appropriate judgments ought not to be rendered impulsively because, in most cases, making a snap decision ends up costing more money. For that reason, the following criteria should be taken into account when selecting the ACCA or CMA USA credentials and are as follows:

  • Take into account your hobbies and professional objectives as the foundation for your process of decision-making and  if your goals are to pursue a career in a variety of financial jobs including taxes, the field of auditing, or financial evaluation, an ACCA may be more appropriate for you.  However, CMA USA can be a good choice if you're interested in managerial finance or financial planning and strategy.
  • In the field of accounting, both the ACCA and CMA USA credentials are extensively recognized and regarded on an international basis. The ACCA licensing is highly regarded by hiring managers in  Asian, African, and European nations, while the CMA licensing is widely accepted in the United States of America and is highly coveted by hiring managers in the accounting, finance, and other industries.
  • A certificate of competence is obtained through a process like to ascending an elevation with various paths. The CMA USA test comprises two sections, each comprising one hundred multiple-choice inquiries and a couple of essays that may be completed in any sequence.  Exam applicants' abilities and capacity to successfully apply accountancy and financial principles to actual-life situations will be assessed through a 4-per hour examination-style for each component. Fourteen pieces of paperwork comprise the ACCA test, with two classifications: The fundamentals and Expert.  A thorough examination of both finance and accounting is provided in each of all three or 4 exam sessions, which last for a total of three hours each.
  • Because CMA  USA can be finished in no more than twelve months, ACCA normally takes anywhere from three to four years for completion, so think about how much effort you're ready to devote to the course of study.  Select a license that works with your timetable after considering how much effort you can commit to your study.
  • The challenge level of ACCA can be interpreted as the degree of intricate language in the text because of its extensive coverage of several themes, which could make it harder to comprehend. The emphasis on managerial accounting in CMA USA may make it seem like a less difficult academic option.
  • Think about the expense of the course of your education concerning the expense of the literary work you select for reading. An ACCA program may be more expensive overall because of its extended time frame and greater paper count, but a CMA USA  program may be more affordable due to its shorter paper count. Take your finances into consideration while choosing which credentials to earn.
  • The prices for CMA USA are more than threefold greater than those of ACCA, therefore if you're looking to obtain an international credential on a budget that's limited, you ought to choose ACCA rather than CMA USA.
  • The subject matters covered by CMA USA include the field of cost accounting, performance oversight, the making of financial choices the management of risks, and planning for strategy.  ACCA, on the other hand, addresses subjects like accounting for financial transactions, auditing, taxes, rules of conduct, and administration.
  • The ACCA credentials are available to professionals as well as learners in a variety of fields, such as the accounting profession, fiscal, company operations, and the field of economics. Conversely, the CMA USA licensing calls for an additional two years of applicable professional experience in addition to an undergraduate degree in any field. Professionals with some previous work experience in the accounting and financial services sector are better qualified for the CMA USA credentials.
  • Candidates who complete the ACCA accreditation procedure are awarded the credential of Chartered Certified Accountant.  The position of accountant is well-known throughout the world and denotes a high degree of fiscal and accounting expertise and proficiency.  Applicants who complete the CMA USA credential are awarded the credential of Certified Management Accountant.  The applicant's credential indicates that they have mastered managerial accounting and possess the abilities and know-how required to make wise corporate judgments.
  • Passing the ACCA is substantially easier than the CMA USA.  When comparing the pass rates of ACCA and CMA USA, there is a significant wage differential because the pass rates for ACCA are less than fifty percent higher than those of CMA USA. Those who accomplish their CMA USA will often make approximately 50,000 dollars annually if they have worked in the field for up to five years. In contrast, those who accomplish their ACCA will typically earn 30,000 dollars annually. ACCA is a lot more internationally regarded certification than CMA USA.


To sum up, the CMA USA credential is concentrated on managerial accounting, and the ACCA credential is focused on offering an extensive background in the fields of finance, accounting, and management of businesses. In the field of accounting, both credentials are highly regarded and widely acknowledged; however, the CMA USA is more widely accepted in the US, while the ACCA is more widely recognized in the Asian continent, Europe, and Africa. In addition, there are differences in the requirements, test structure, and official title between the two types of certificates and the decision between the two distinct certificates inevitably boils down to the personal needs and professional objectives of the individual.

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