Discover How CMA USA Aspirants Can Improve Their LinkedIn Growth

Discover How CMA USA Aspirants Can Improve Their LinkedIn Growth

Around the globe, LinkedIn is a popular social networking site for professionals, and it is widely revered as a trusted platform for connecting with business prospects, suppliers, clients, and especially recruiters. The most significant advantage of LinkedIn is that it has over a million professionals, enabling you to network, apply for jobs, gain mentorship, and up skill yourself through webinars and training programs, making it a credible choice among employers who are looking for serious professionals with a proven track record.
In order to stand out in a crowd of accounting professionals after completing the CMA and being the preferred candidate among prospective employers, here are some steps you can take.

Explore the different ways you can increase your LinkedIn visibility as a CMA USA candidate:

Recruiters often use LinkedIn to search for qualified candidates. The problem is that there aren't enough jobs available, so your profile and job application can easily get lost in a pool of well-qualified candidates. Make your profile more appealing by branding yourself as a professional by following these steps:

Embossed profiles
You can use LinkedIn to highlight who you are and target potential connections ranging from recruiters to managers to CEOs to build your professional brand through your personality and position yourself as a thought leader. A critical first step in creating that image is to choose the right profile picture, which should have a professional pose and wear formal clothing. Do not wear casual clothing. Do not forget to be well-groomed. Choose a plain and simple background that will keep the focus on your face. 

Make your summary stand out to recruiters
Before writing the summary section of your profile, you need to be very cautious and think carefully. A summary serves as an extension of your headline, where you can highlight your education, work experience, accomplishments, skills, and qualities, as well as your email address, and if necessary you could include a funny anecdote.

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile by using the right keywords
Keywords are a big factor in Internet searches, and the same is true of LinkedIn searches. Hence, get into the mind-set of a recruiter and determine what searches they are likely to make in order to locate a candidate. When you identify these searches, shortlist a few keywords and use them in your LinkedIn profile so you appear first. Include not just your CMA designation, but also the opportunities you are interested in so recruiters will be able to find you.

Give an overview of your work experience
A key feature of LinkedIn is the ability to discuss your work experiences as well as display your career trajectory so far. Using a vivid image of your work experience and accomplishments, you will demonstrate to your recruiter that you have encountered a variety of business environments, cultures and will increase the value of your CMA profile.

The power of visual video content cannot be overstated
Visual video content can help you stand out from the rest, as people are losing their attention span rapidly, and this could include things like presenting at a conference, publishing papers, or getting a degree. Make sure to catch the attention of your potential connections so they cannot resist connecting with you. This gives prospective employers a deeper glimpse into your personality.

Make use of the add-on features
It is true that action speaks louder than words, and LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to highlight the work you are passionate about, the volunteer work you have done, the awards you have received, or the skill that highlights all your best qualities, thus adding depth to your profile.

Organize your network
Start by connecting with your peers from school, coaching classes, or colleagues at work. After that, connect with members of organizations related to management accounting, or the CMA groups, where you may find accounting internships or reach out to professionals to get advice or practice mock interviews, or even get in touch with professionals to ask for advice. It is possible to maintain a strong network on LinkedIn and build on your connections by being active on it.

Get in touch with your dream companies
Become an active member of LinkedIn to stay on top of job openings, recent activities, and even the list of professionals associated with your dream companies. In addition to providing visibility to recruiters searching for CMAs, it also helps recruiters find the right candidates.

Using LinkedIn as a tool to increase your LinkedIn visibility as a USA CMA can be a very valuable step in your aspirations as an aspirant of USA CMA. So make sure you set up your profile with LinkedIn. In case you have any more questions about your USA CMA journey, visit our website at

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