Discover how a management accountant can network abroad to advance his career

Given that the CMA USA credential is the most profitable and coveted in the entire globe, working overseas is every certified managerial accountant's desire. They can earn significantly greater revenues there than what they might make in India, along with working on some of the most challenging and rewarding tasks related to accounting in the world.

It's crucial to recognize that landing a job at a foreign company is not an easy feat; in order to succeed in the fiercely competitive accounting sector overseas, candidates must have a thorough understanding of tax laws related to each nation, accounting standards, and regulatory structures. Furthermore, they must comprehend the value of connecting in the accounting industry. By integrating a knack for networking with a solid basis in accounting principles, candidates can greatly improve their chances of landing coveted jobs in well-known accounting offices overseas.

The act of networking is an effective strategy for accounting professionals, particularly for those who want to work for prestigious international accounting firms. By connecting with employees of these businesses, you can find out about job opportunities, gain exposure, and receive helpful guidance and assistance. The following are some methods of networking that CMA USA candidates can use to secure positions at prestigious international accounting business entities:

  • You can learn about employment openings through connections that may not be announced to the general public. By engaging with those who work at elite accounting companies, you can increase your chances of learning about openings for employment early on. This is because many top accounting enterprises rely on their workers to refer candidates who are suitable.
  • Through networking purposes, you can get into a prominent accounting organization where you could request a friend or acquaintance who is employed there to speak well of you to the recruiting manager or to refer you for an employment opportunity.
  • You can acquire astute advice and help from professionals with the highest-ranking accounting practice experience through connections. They could offer you tips on how to ace the interview process, prepare for your employment search, and blend seamlessly into the organization's ethos.
  • Your accounting career overseas will not progress unless you take an active role in socializing opportunities. These are opportunities for you to network, exchange contact information, and make an indelible mark.  Participating in such gatherings can benefit your professional networking and education, and perhaps even lead to the discovery of unlisted job chances.
  • Making connections with potential employers and securing interviews can be effectively achieved by taking part in hiring drives.   Typically, job centers or schools of higher learning hold these events, and prestigious accounting firms looking to fill vacancies often attend. By taking part, you not only get direct experience with the procedure for hiring but also the chance to showcase your skills and qualifications. To make an outstanding impression on hiring managers, make sure your résumé is all setup, dress properly, and make observations regarding the business.
  • LinkedIn is a very helpful professional connection tool in the modern age of technology.  The first step is to build a compelling account on LinkedIn that emphasizes your training, professional background, and accounting specialization. Subsequently, initiate connecting with individuals in the accounting industry, such as recruitment managers, coaches, and colleagues.  To expand your professional circle, take part in pertinent conversations, share pertinent content, and join accounting-related Networking groups. This can help others understand about your talents and keep you informed about career possibilities and industry advancements.


Through connections, you can get a fantastic possibility to get employment inquiries with renowned companies even before you travel to other nations. Relevant details regarding the tastes and needs of individuals, especially job recruiters, are also provided, along with guidance with regard to how to ace conversations based on their area of interest.

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