Choosing the Right CMA institute

CMA Institute plays an important role in preparing a graduate to take up top management, strategic roles. CMA Institute is an ideal step for those looking to not only clear CMA exam in their first attempt but also to equip themselves to excel in the corporate world.

CMAs are able to perform a notch better than their peers because of the complex syllabus, rigorous training and preparation they go through. Choosing the right CMA institute is yet another crucial step in your CMA journey. Here are some important aspects to consider while choosing the best CMA Institute – 


Experienced and qualified faculty is the core of any training institute. So look for a CMA institute with that has reputed faculty who are invested in students and their growth. Faculty play a major role in not only teaching but also offer guidance and shaping you to be the professional of the future.

Support staff 

CMA Institutes do not function in isolation. They are efficient in their classes, timetable etc only because of their committed support staff. Although, support staff may not directly contribute to your career as a faculty would do, you will be interacting with them a lot for your class schedule, fees, exam structure and a lot more. Hence, it is essential that they are helpful, courteous and encouraging as the US CMA journey can be strenuous.

CMA study material

Informative study materials are crucial for easy learning. MyLogic uses CMA USA study material from Hock International. With over 20 years of experience they offer the most comprehensive study materials. Hock International consistently updates their notes and offers dedicated experts to help you pass CMA exams. 

CMA placements

Increasing job opportunities after qualifying the course is a major reason for many students and professionals to pursue CMA USA. Hence, a CMA placement cell in a CMA institute will be added benefit in finding the right job, once you are a qualified US CMA.

Online Training & Physical classes

While enrolling in a CMA training institute the location and/or their mode of training should be considered. If you prefer physical classes with a faculty in a classroom then be sure that the CMA institute provides the same at a convenient location. On the other hand CMA online training is growing in popularity with its effective and efficient way of coaching. Hence be sure ask for demo class, check for quality of online training, videos, faculty response, interaction etc. 

Fee structure

For all practical reason, the fee structure of a CMA institute often dominates a students’ final decision to join the institute. Hence, choose CMA institutes that are transparent in their fee structure and the discounts they might offer.  


The best way to identify the best CMA institute is to check the institute’s Google reviews, testimonials and talk to alumni directly. It is recommended to get a third party review, independent of the institute about the faculty, classes, coordinators etc. for a well-rounded understanding og the institute. 

Choosing the best CMA institute for your CMA and career journey can be daunting. Hence, take your time to make the decision, have multiple consultation calls to understand the staff and the offerings of the institute before enrolling. 

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