Certified Financial Planner CFP Course Details

Certified Financial Planner CFP Course Details


The key to a financially secure future is having solid finances and financial planning. In order to achieve personal goals and fulfill family responsibilities, managing finances is essential. This can be done both at individual level or company level. However, good financial planning is not feasible for many hence CFPs are hired to do so. Becoming a CFP is one of the most sought-after careers for those who are dedicated to living an ethical life.

What is it  and  who are CFP’s?

Certified Financial Planners are an elite class of professionals with extensive financial planning experience and training and strict ethical guidelines. As a CFP professional, one must meet the CFP Board's standards in regards to the four E's: education, examination, experience, and ethics. The CFP Board is responsible for administering the CFP exam and for defining the requirements for becoming a CFP.


An individual must meet the following requirements to become and remain a certified financial planner:

  • Certified financial planners must hold a bachelor's degree or higher or be on track to obtain the degree within five years of passing the CFP exam. 
  • Upon completion of the educational requirements, a person can sit for the CFP exam, which covers different aspects of financial planning. It is divided into two 3-hour sessions separated by a 40-minute break and is conducted three times each year between March, July, and November.
  • Candidates are provided multiple choice questions. The results of the examination can be obtained at either the online examination centre or through the mail.
  • To receive and maintain their credentials, all CFP professionals must abide by the ethics code and standards of conduct of the CFP.
  • For two years, CFPs must complete 30 hours of CFP board-approved continuing education in order to maintain their credential. The credentials of chartered financial analysts, chartered life underwriters, and retirement income certified professionals can also provide a way to learn more about the person's proficiency.

Final Thoughts

Aspiring CFPs have a greater chance of landing jobs at wealth and asset management firms and banks , where the average salary for CFPs is 3.5 lakhs per annum, with bonuses and increments based on performance. Those interested in finance and eager to assist others with planning their finances will find this career a promising choice.  Apart from choosing the right course, you are recommended to choose a reputed training institute like My Logic Business Management School with an excellent track record and faculty to maximize your experience.


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