Career guidance for CMA USA aspirants

Career guidance for CMA USA aspirants

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was created between IMA and ICWA stating that the certified management accountant (CMA) certificate issued by IMA (US) is an advanced professional certification that is analogous to ICWA (India).

A genuine CMA USA certification is offered by ICWA to the CMA (India). A person's professional ability in financial planning, analysis, decision support, control, and professional ethics is demonstrated by receiving a professional certification.

Top MNCs want these talents both in India and throughout the rest of the world. India is quickly taking over owing to the very intelligent people living there, the financial capital of the globe.

  • It is for whom?
  • Early in the century, management courses were in high demand. Although management courses still have value, they are relatively low unless the degree is obtained from a reputable university. The financial director of the firm heavily influences the managerial choices made in today's businesses. The shift in the business world's dynamics has increased the demand for management experts with strong financial judgment.

    CMA professionals absorb more graduates than any other graduate professionals combined. A qualified professional becomes a top prospect for various opportunities when combined with a management degree. Given the effects it may have on a person's future trajectory, one can even argue that the CMA is the new MBA.

  • The Road Ahead Is Clear:
  • The CMA USA has an advantage because of its applicability while working for major financial corporations. For professionals and students who want to thoroughly assess essential accounting and financial management abilities, the CMA might be described as a specialty. These abilities can support management decision-making and the decision-making process for professionals.

  • Prospects for employment after earning a CMA (USA):
  • After earning a CMA, you may expect to fill the following positions:

    1. Finance Manager
    2. Financial Analyst
    3. Financial Controller
    4. Cost Accountant
    5. Chief Financial Officer
    6. Cost Manager

Professionals with CMA(US) degrees are employed both in India and overseas. It is a worldwide recognized credential that aids in a professional's global viability. Large MNCs with operations in India need management specialists with strong financial skills. CMA(US) now offers a management breadth that is unmatched.

Let's examine the US CMA's step-by-step procedure.

  1. Education Requirements for IMA Membership
  2. Experience at Work
  3. Sign up for the US CMA program
  4. Pay the US CMA exam cost.
  5. Pass the US CMA's two test components.

Educational Requirements for US CMA:

A bachelor's degree from an approved institution or university is required of US CMA candidates. The majority of CMA students graduate with degrees in economics, accounting, finance, and general business.

Work Background:

Candidates for the US CMA must have two years of professional job experience under their belts. If you are unable to work full-time, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week for four straight years as a part-time employee.

After enrolling in the US CMA certification program, you must choose when to schedule your exam and pay the US CMA exam price.

Cost of US CMA courses in India:

  • Part 1: 28000 INR
  • Part 2 - 28000 INR

Pass the US CMA exam in its entirety:

There are two sections to the US CMA exam:

  • Analytics, financial planning, and performance
  • Financial Planning and Management

The US CMA curriculum is not as challenging as you would believe. Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and essay-style questions are included in the 4-hour test.

Jobs for US CMAs in India:

For US CMAs, there are several employment options available in India. The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) has worked with some of the top businesses to recruit exceptional US CMA holders for positions at their organizations across the nation. These businesses include Accenture, Amazon, Wipro, and HPE. For a US CMA, there are around 35,000 employment vacancies in various organizations.

  • Use the best for this.

    Most MNCs in India employ CMAs in well-paid, important managerial positions. With key managerial admissions into MNCs, entry-level remuneration as a fresher might range between Rs. 4.5 L and Rs. 5 Lacs annually.


    Numerous work prospects are made possible by the skills acquired while studying for a US Certified Management Accountant degree. US CMAs are capable of holding a variety of jobs in the sector. I hope this essay has helped you better understand the steps involved in becoming a US CMA.

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