Can CMA USA professionals get jobs in India

CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is an international and prominent management accounting certification offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) US. It is a benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals globally. A USA  Certified Management Accountant would get knowledge on UGAAP, Financial planning -reporting and Financial decision making hence they would be able to get exposure in core fields of Finance. 
Basic functions and roles that a CMA USA has to acquire in an organisation are to manage the process for 'optimum utilization of scarce resources and 'Funds' of the business.
They are expected to Implement cost-effective business process and actively participate in strategic decision making.

CMA USA has immense job openings in India like those listed below and a lot of  additional roles  related to Finance.:

  • Financial Controller
  • Tax analyst and consultants
  • Research analyst
  • Cost Accountant, 
  • Legal Advisor
  • Finance Manager
  • Cost Auditor 
  • Financial managers

Certified Management Accountant is in enormous demand in divisions like Banking & Finance, Government/ Public  Undertakings and Private sector. CMAs are also needed in some of the large companies for management positions like Financial controllers, Budget Analysts,  Chief financial controller and many other high levelled jobs.
Again multinational companies registered with the SEC in the USA, CMAs are well qualified in USGAAP to prefer to hire US CMAs for the job. As India is a  key player in Business Process Outsourcing, a majority of the outsourced financial work in India comes from countries like US and UK, most American entities that follow USGAAP, create tremendous job opportunities for US CMAs in the BPO sector of India. Another major source of employment for CMAs employment directly with USA companies that have branches in India.

Please note that If one passes CMA exams from anywhere outside India, one will get a dual certification of CMA, US + CMA, India. 
On the contrary, Doing CMA in India is also possible and it helps in multiple ways to improve your financial skills & management qualities, but it will be considered as an Indian Certification which is not accepted outside India. whereas CMA (US) claims to be globally certified. The USA CMA certifications focus mainly on cost reduction & auditing whereas, Indian Certified Management Accountant works mainly on Cost controlling.  The Institute of Cost Accountants of India or formerly ICWAI has signed an MoU with IMA to provide membership and to recognize CMA (USA).

From Compensation perspective, considering the various job openings for CMA( USA) listed above, the average annual salary starts anywhere from 4/5 lakhs for cost analyst job to 40/ 50 lakhs for A CFO of a company. However, the number of trials in which an aspirant clears the exam defines the average salary they may fetch. For instance, one who clears the exam in the first attempt can get a better salary to say around 8-10 lakhs when compared with those who clear the exam in the second or the third attempt fetching a low up to 3-4 lakhs.

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