CMA USA self-study or go for a mentor in 2023

CMA USA Self-study

Certified Management Accountant or CMA is a professional certification program presented by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA. 

It is designed to present the candidates with all the essential skills to be thriving in Management Accounting. It is a globally acknowledged and accredited certification with a syllabus designed for the candidates to master 12 essential practice areas in the said field. 

CMA USA can be one of the considerably renowned courses for any student or employee for its global exposure, attractive salary, and sounder credentials. Regardless, it may not be easy to study and clear the exam on the initial attempt. 

CMA certification needs tremendous effort, time, dedication, and consistency to equip for the exam. Not everyone understands and grasps information in the same way. Therefore, it depends on your which method fits you the most to study for the CMA Certification that may very well influence your whole career.

Self-study vs good mentor

If you had to choose between self-study and mentoring, you might have trouble deciding. Let’s break down which mode of study may be best for you!


Some students are extremely self-disciplined, and they can allocate sufficient time, energy, and measure to clear the exam. They acknowledge self-study is the better and faster means to study.

Pros of self-study:

  • There is a lot of information and content unrestricted on the internet. Numerous sources like YouTube, and Telegram can assist you to get content for the exam.
  • It might be advantageous from a financial POV to opt for self-study. 

CMA USA Self Study: Cons

  • The advice of a mentor and the right learning environment is always beneficial.
  • You may get many references from the internet but the information in those references will be disorganized, getting a mentor or instructor to conduct a training program for CMA USA will help you to get organized materials and class videos.
  • The mentors carefully plan a timetable and ensure that the students follow it strictly. You may lose interest or try the syllabus when the schedule isn’t in its place. 
  • When studying on your own, you will have to scrutinize for quality study material, which would be time-consuming. Whenever a doubt about a small notion arises, going to the internet and encountering the accurate answer will be a task.
  • You will be deprived of clearing doubts in groups and miss group seminars when choosing self-study. When there is a chance of studying in a group, it offers you a chance to learn and understand the syllabus with like-minded peers. 
  • You will have to put more endeavor into understanding the topics and reworking them by yourself. It will invariably be beneficial when you have a team of professionals who encourage and encourage you to achieve your goals.
  • You will have to comprehend the software and technology of the exam on your own. You will not have any assistance with the tips and tricks to be kept in mind to make the exam a bit easier.

Finding a Good Mentor 

When you are working as a full-time working professional or a busy parent, self-studying for the CMA exam can take a more elongated timeline to acquire your goals. Particularly when the subject is new, you will definitely need some handholding. In such a scenario, it will be most reasonable to look for a mentor or a tutor who will give you person-specific information to study and clear the CMA examination successfully. 

Pros of taking an instructor/mentor-led course:

  • Access to a mentor is like a boon in the guise. To measure a conceptual understanding of long-term benefits, you need immediate mentoring without wasting a lot of time. You can ask questions and get solutions immediately without getting stuck which saves a lot of time.
  • A mentor will set a detailed study schedule. Classes are scheduled in advance, therefore, you will be less likely to put off studying for additional work. Mentors can boost you to learn regularly and attain your daily targets. 
  • Moreover, when there is a mentor, there will be a batch of students. Doubts will be cleared by discussions among peers. This could also direct to more discussions around real-world applications as they link to practical business matters faced by others. Group study sessions will also be attainable, assembling more ways to learn the subject and seeking help when needed.
  • Time Management is a critical factor in Professional exams. The mentor will advise you on the important topics to be understood first and leave the least crucial chapters to study later. It gives a clear notion of how much time to devote to a particular topic or subject. A right mentor with experience will also show you some good hacks/tricks to ace your papers.
  • Mentors can also provide you with vast study material enfolding all the topics and concepts in detail. This also includes correction notes, mock papers as well solved past question papers. 

Cons of mentoring:

  1. You will not get to determine which topics to study when and how much time should be spent on every topic. Just because you already have prior wisdom of one of the subjects, it wouldn’t mean you can skip it. 
  2. Getting a suitable mentor also means making financial investments toward your studies, which could add strain to your financial resources. 

Finding the Best Mentor 

If you are looking for a suitable mentor, then we are here for you! Mylogic is one of the best CMA US lnstitute in Bangalore for enlightening the Commerce domain, including Finance and Accounting courses. 

Selecting to self-study or finding a suitable mentor is a personal decision. Nonetheless, you need to think about this purposefully and objectively since it involves your career along with taking a toll on your time, energy, and efforts. 

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