3 Simple Steps for CMA Registration

3 Simple Steps for CMA Registration

Certified Management Accountant is a globally accepted finance certification that can transform your career. It is the go-to course for finance students, who are looking to get a head start on their career and finance professionals, who are looking to secure coveted promotions and enjoy top management & strategic roles. 

Few other great advantages of the course are that it is a short term course with only 2 CMA USA exams to clear. CMA USA can be easily wrapped up in just 9 months with 300+ hours of committed learning.  

3 Step CMA Registration Process 

The next step, if you have decided on pursuing US CMA is registering for the course. The process to enroll for CMA USA course is rather simple. Below are the steps for CMA registration and other registration details like CMA registration fees, CMA registration status etc.

Step 1 - Enroll in the CMA Program

The first step of the CMA registration process is to enroll in the CMA website and join IMA as a member. Go to https://www.imaonlinestore.com/PersonifyEbusiness/Membership/Join-IMA and purchase the IMA membership fee to become an IMA member. This can be considered as your CMA registration fee. 

IMA membership is a prerequisite to registering for CMA and pursuing the course. As an IMA member you can enjoy several membership benefits. 

Step 2 - Pay the CMA Entrance Fee

Once you are an IMA member the next step is to pay the CMA entrance fee. Click on the link here to pay the entrance fee for the CMA program https://www.imaonlinestore.com/PersonifyEbusiness/CMA-Entrance-Fee-Products

Step 3 – Register for CMA Exam 

The third and final step to complete your CMA registration is to register for your first CMA USA exam. It is best to set your CMA USA part 1 exam date as part of the registration process as this will give you a concrete date to work towards and have a more focused approach for CMA preparation. 

Go to this link to schedule your CMA USA exam - https://www.imaonlinestore.com/PersonifyEbusiness/CMA-Exam-Registration

Once you have registered for the CMA exam you will receive a confirmation of the CMA registration status, which will include your authorization number, testing window, and Instructions for the candidate.

An important point to note is that your authorization number will be valid only for the selected testing window. IMA does not permit candidates to postpone their exam to another testing window; however you can change the dates of the exam within the same testing window. 

More about CMA exams – CMA exams are offered in 3 different testing windows in a year. They are – January & February; May & June; September & October. Candidates have to liberty to take CMA USA part 1 or CMA USA part 2 exam first or take both exams together in the same testing window. You can schedule your exams at your nearest testing center.  Click on the link - www.prometric.com/ICMA to book your CMA USA exam appointment with Prometric, IMA’s testing partner.


CMA USA course is ideal for career growth and to enjoy a global career. If you have decided to add US CMA credential to your profile, the next steps of the registration process is very simple. You are also welcome to call us at 9538803042/9738013042 for any assistance with CMA USA registration process. 

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