Describe the increasingly disruptive contexts in which organisations and their finance teams operate and how these contexts shape the role of finance. Take each role and show how finance performs it in a typical organisational setting. The coverage should be introductory and brief. It is meant to set the scene for subsequent sections and draw a link between the roles and the topics that will be covered in other areas of the Operational Level. Use “information to impact” framework to describe the primary activities finance professionals perform. Relate it to how data is generated, transformed and used. Link it to how technology could be used to improve the productivity of finance professionals in these areas and the threat of automation. The aim is to create awareness of the technologies that drive the digital world and how they interact with each other. The technologies outlined by the major advisory firms and the World Economic Forum digital transformation initiative provide the material on which learning and related activities can be based. Examine how finance professionals use the relevant technologies to fulfil their roles. Explain how the technologies affect various activities finance professionals perform in the “information to impact” framework. The intention is to move from creating awareness to generating understanding of how finance can use these technologies to increase its value and relevance to organisations. Build on the previous section on technology to explain why, in the digital world, finance professionals must place more focus on using information than on collecting and/or processing information. Outline and describe the various uses of information. Link them to the primary activities that the finance function performs and to the topics to be covered in other modules of the Operational Level. Highlight and explain the data competencies required in the digital world. Locate where finance has a competitive advantage and where finance will need to work with data scientists. Introduce candidates to the structure of the finance function and outline the broad areas of finance such as finance operations, external reporting, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), decision support etc. Describe the evolving shape of the finance function from the triangle to the diamond shape. Link the description to the impact of digital technology and automation on the finance function. The focus is the diamond shape and the four levels within this shape. Explain what each level does, the relationship between the levels, and the link between the levels and the basic finance activities covered under the role of finance. Describe how finance plays its role by interacting with the rest of the organisation. Bring together the issues raised in the previous sections and link them to what the other areas of the organisations do. For example, address how finance and marketing interact using data and collaborative technology to achieve organisational goals and the individual functional goals of both finance and marketing. Describe how the use of KPIs influence these interactions and how the KPIs of finance and these areas can be aligned to ensure they work together effectively.


A.     Role of the finance function

· Explain the roles of the finance function in organisations.

· Describe the activities that finance professionals perform to fulfill the roles.

B.     Technology in a digital world

· Outline and explain the technologies that affect business and finance.

· Examine how the finance function uses digital technologies to fulfill its roles.

C.     Data and information in a digital world

· Describe the ways in which data is used by the finance function.

· Explain the competencies required to use data to create and preserve value for organisations.

D.    Shape and structure of the finance function

· Describe the structure and shape of the finance function.

· Explain what each level of the finance function does.

E.     Finance interacting with the organization

· Describe how the finance function interacts with operations.

· Describe how the finance function interacts with sales and marketing.

· Describe how the finance function interacts with human resources.

· Describe how the finance function interacts with IT.

Higher Secondary Qualified 

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Course Includes

    ·      Explain how the finance function Enables, Shapes and Narrates organisations to create and preserve value

    ·      How data is collected, cleaned and connected by finance

    ·      Types of analysis to produce insights

    ·      How finance communicates to influence key stakeholders (audiences, frequency, format, etc.)

    ·      How finance uses resource allocation and performance management to enable organisations to achieve their objectives

    ·      Potential impact of technology

    ·      Outline the key features of the fourth industrial revolution.

    ·      Outline and explain the key technologies that define and drive the digital world.

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